ZBT 2019 Honors and Awards

Tamisha Horton -CEO / Founder of ZBT Honors & Awards

 Zydeco-Blues & Trailride Honors and Awards
Hosted by Founder and CEO Ms Tamisha Horton. Ms Tamisha Horton has done it again! She and her amazing team just
pulled off one of the biggest award events seen by Houstonians. Tamisha’s sixth events took place in Houston TX at the popular House of Blues. This is award ceremony six, and Tamisha says, “Stay tuned for number seven, it promises to be bigger and better.” Thousands showed up in support of Ms Tamisha Horton and her fine works. The logistics were on point and, the place was packed with up-and-coming artists, as well as; Legendary National and International Recording and Performing Entertainers.  (download the full release below)

Charles Burton


Charlie-Boy is a native of Shreveport Louisiana who arrived in Houston, Texas in 1965. He can now be found spending his time writing for multiple recording labels and performing artists from his home base in Houston Texas. Songwriter; Charles aka ‘Charlie-Boy’ tells us he wrote his first song at the age of 10 to impress his Mom and her friends. The first professional offer Charles Burton received to go on the road, was not as songwriter,  but as a dancer, with Alvin Cash and the Crawlers. ( download full bio below 

Charles 'Kizzo' Kizzee

Charles 'Kizzo' Kizzee

Eleven albums, four EPs, thousands of songs and multiple appearances on other projects. The recent February 25, 2019 release will definitely have you wanting ‘More.’

This multi-talented songwriter, executive producer, and performing artist show noticeable development in variations of style.  And with the newly released ‘More’ album, Charles Kizzo ‘Kizzo’ Kizzee definitely has a hit on hand. Fans have voted this as the best project vocally, in song selections, and writing style in Kizzo’s catalog...(download full release below)

Marcell 'Talent' Cassanova


Marcell 'Talent' Cassanova is a talented Singer, Producer, & Songwriter. From acappella to Hip Hop; there aren't many genres of music which he has not explored or, been a part of. Born in Atlanta and growing up in Houston Texas, he recalls music as being a part of his everyday life. At the age of 16, Marcell began writing songs which, were later featured on major commercial releases. When asked if music was his first choice for a career, Marcell replied, "No, I thought I was going to be a basketball star." Marcell went on to say, " music was a part of my family but, I thought it was for them, I just wanted to play basketball. " (download full bio below)



The 2019 South by Southwest (SXSW) activities was host to artists and filmmakers from all across the globe. I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with 'Gea' a very unique and welcoming artist. Gea hosted a showcase which not only debuted her music but that of other artists as well. Gea tells us that the event was a huge success.  Gea is a native of Helsinki Finland with songs which sounds like Nordic folk narratives delivered with present-day electro-acoustic production and fairy-like vocals. (download full release below)

Cynthia Allen

Cynthia Allen

 * Business Owner * Event Producer * Artist Consultant * Artist Booking 
Community Associations (C.A.S.E. – S.A.F.E. – W.O.P.) Meet well known and respected Event Producer Cynthia Allen. Mrs. Allen has a collective set of skills necessary to produce a high-level event of any size.
Cynthia has been producing events for many years in the State of Texas and recently her talent was recognized by the State and City of Tupelo Mississippi. (download full release below)